The Bower Tree

The Bower Tree Sippy Downs

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The project brief for The Bower Tree was a staged commercial and residential development on a greenfield site in Sippy Downs. The area is a developing suburb on the Sunshine Coast with a vibrant community of university students and new businesses. The club is a key development in the area, aiming to become a centre for the community. Stage 1 of the Bower Tree development is a two-storey club with a bistro, café, bars, gaming room, functions level, and a basement car park.  A central laneway connects the ground level, providing visibility between spaces across the 4000m2 building, with permeable screens and voids to the upper function level.  An external walkway wraps around the building, protected by a curved metal screen that acts as a second skin shielding the building to the west.

2023 Courage Street | Sippy Downs | QLD HOSPITALITY, INTERIORS